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cineSync allows you to review video in sync, with anyone, anywhere in the world.


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cineSync is real time video synchronisation

Real time synchronisation

Working remotely is all about confidence.

You could be working with a commercial agency, a film director, a VFX studio or a games developer. You need to know that the person on the other end of the line is seeing exactly what you are showing them. cineSync is simple, reliable and easy for everyone to use - and it guarantees that you're looking at exactly the same frame of exactly the same clip at any time.

Drawing and Annotations

Sometimes words don't quite cut it.

cineSync's intuitive drawing tools allow anyone in the session to sketch right on top of the image.

You can circle or point to areas of interest, or paste "sticky note" text boxes, visible to everyone in the session.

You can also save out annotated reference frames - or even export the clip with the annotations burned in.

Colour tools

Colour is a hard thing to describe over the phone.

With cineSync, there's no need to try - just grab one of the colour sliders and show them exactly what you mean.

You can also adjust brightness, contrast, gamma and saturation.

Stereo 3D Playback

Taking it to another dimension.

More and more projects are being generated and screened in 3D. A simple effective 3D review and pipeline is essential.

cineSync is the simplest and easiest 3D player available.

With a variety of supported input and output formats, cineSync makes 3D reviews a breeze.

There are two versions of cineSync

The basic package - cineSync - gives you the video synchronisation and the annotation tools, while cineSync Pro gives you the full suite of tools.

The list below gives a full breakdown of the features of each version, so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Features cineSync cineSync PRO
Review and approve your video clips with anyone, anywhere
Guests can join your session without needing their own account
Drawing and annotation tools
Save drawings for future reference in PNG or JPG formats
Upload files using built in FTP and SFTP clients in the Playlist Viewer
OSX and Windows
Export all session data to your project management system through customisable scripts
Deep integration with project management applications Shotgun and Ftrack
Synchronised colour manipulation
Support for 3D LUTs (Iridas .ITX / Iridas .Cube / Autodesk .3dl / Lustre .LUT and Scratch .3dl Luts)
Support for DPX, EXR and Cineon (as single frames)
Stereoscopic (3D) display and playback tools
Fullscreen Display
Synchronised Zoom tool
Masking and Aspect ratio tools
Export Quicktime movies with annotations burned in
Run multiple simultaneous sessions on the one account
Support for offline sessions in addition to your online seats
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