cineSync 3.7 - new updates for Windows, plus ftrack integration


Today sees the release of cineSync 3.7, which includes two major new updates and a host of smaller fixes and improvements.

cineSync 3.7 has a new playback engine on Windows, replacing Quicktime. The new playback engine is much quicker and more efficient than Quicktime, comfortably allowing 4K playback on a standard PC during synchronised reviews. cineSync 3.7 is however also entirely backwards compatible with previous Windows cineSync releases, should anyone in the review be running older versions. 

The new release also substantially enhances cineSync’s integration with ftrack, allowing cineSync users to browse their ftrack instance from within the cineSync interface, to load ftrack reviews directly into cineSync to make reviews live and interactive - and to export all notes and saved frames back to ftrack for easy tracking. Developed in conjunction with the ftrack development team in Sweden, the new integration is an important addition to the toolset for all ftrack and cineSync users. More information can be found here.

Other fixes include some updates to cineSync’s Shotgun integration, some additional options for proxy support and an update to cineSync’s integration with Aspera.

If you have any questions, or need more information, please feel free to contact us at

To download and install cineSync 3.7, please visit our Downloads page.